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Practice Manager

Cindy K., Practice Manager/Head Technician
Cindy has always had a love and passion for animals. She has been a technician for Derks Animal Hospital for twenty-one years. In 1989 she started in the kennel and worked her way up at Quail Roost animal hospital working for Dr. Ibanez. She realized working with animals was her path in life and here she is today. She has two pets of her own; a crazy eyed sable German Shepherd “Blitz” and “CJ” her old lady terrier mix. Working with animals has always had a place in her heart and she wouldn’t have it any other way!




Vanessa Q.
Vanessa has been a veterinary assistant at Derks Animal Hospital for nearly a year. Though she works with dogs and cats, she aspires to work closely with animals of all kinds. She has bred and raised birds as well as sugar gliders, and currently owns several snakes, three rescue dogs, a cat and two ferrets.




Technician Assistants

Jose J.
Jose is a senior at Palmetto High School in the graduating class of 2016. This is his first job and loves working with the animals. On his time off from school and work, he likes to spend time with his nephew and nieces and enjoys playing football. He has a Sharpei and is currently looking to adopt a new puppy. After he graduates this summer, he plans to continue working while attending college.







Karen D.
Karen began working with animals in 1974 when she acquired her first horse, “Santana” where she helped cleaned stalls to help pay for her board. From there she worked with large animal veterinarians as a technician, working with primarily horses. She has assisted in many fascinating surgeries and has seen a lot of very interesting things over the years, both in and out.






Lori S.
Lori has been a part of our team since August of 2007. She grew up with dachshunds and pointers, who were always her best friends. She has continued her love for dogs and volunteered for a few rescue organizations by helping arrange transports, processing adoption applications and her favorite part – fostering ! She fosters rat terriers and pointers that keep her very busy. She is also an avid Miami Dolphins fan, and loves talking about the woes and wins with a few select clients.



Veterinary Assistants

Tomas V.
Tomas started working at Derks Animal Hospital in May of 2016. He has always loved dogs, cats and animals of all kinds. He has three little dogs of his own and 2 cats whom he loves very much. He is currently a Junior attending Florida International University. On his off time he enjoys playing rugby for the University. He also loves running and going to the beach.